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We specialise in Canadian Immigration Law as well as other ancillary practice areas focusing on: business law, contract drafting, estate law dealing with wills and power of attorney drafting for our Canadian and ex pat clientele, and tax law as it relates to your estate or migration plans.



Canada is a country rich in resources with a growing economy, world-class educational institutions and an excellent healthcare system. Ranked as one of the best places to live in the world, Canada is as welcoming and as diverse as its vast landscape, it’s no wonder that nationals from over 150 countries call Canada home. With a variety of migration paths our experienced and dedicated lawyers will assess your unique immigration needs and advise which migration route is best suited to your circumstances. Aviou Law is your local law firm with a global reach with domestic and foreign clients, so whether you just want to migrate temporarily or on a more permanent basis let our lovely lawyers here at Aviou Law help you achieve the dream, one step at a time!



What is your plan to safeguard your finances and assets for your loved ones upon your death? Do you have any measures in place to provide for and take care of your spouse and/or children? A documented last will and testament is the only way to ensure that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes and intentions and that your children will be cared for once you die. Without a will, important decisions regarding your assets and children will be made for you once gone and some of those decisions may conflict with your true intentions had you not died intestate and made a will instead.



Personal care planning is something that most people fail to adequately think about or prepare for beforehand. Who will take care of you and make critical decisions about your medical and financial needs when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself? It can be hard to imagine such a time in our lives, however, with a Power of Attorney for both health and personal care and/or property in place you need not worry if and when that time comes, as your attorney will have your wishes in writing allowing them to be easily honoured your wish. The cost of NOT having a Power of Attorney for Property – General and/or A Power of Attorney for Personal Care far exceeds the cost of preparing them. Money spent on PERSONAL CARE PLANNING now, could save you and your loved ones’ thousands in the future.

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New immigrants are often left bemused when tax season comes around, and it’s not because every person irrespective of your employment status – employed, self-employed or unemployed; must file a tax return, it is hugely as a result of an insufficient tax preparation prior immigrating. Most immigrants do not realise how perplexing and difficult the Canadian tax system can be and if you have not gotten your ducks in a row can also be very unforgiving. Aviou Law’s lawyers are on hand to assess your financial situation, and will be able to advise you dependent upon your intended immigration path whether once you arrive in Canada you will be considered a resident or non-resident for income tax purposes and the inherent tax responsibilities that exist therein.

Did you know that even death cannot stop taxes? Dependent upon the circumstances our dearly departed loved ones may still be liable for taxes owed to Canada Revenue Agency applicable in the fiscal year of their death. Talk to one of our lawyers today and see how best we can help in settling your loved one’s estate.

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Do you need your small business client or employment contract drafted? Whatever your contract needs are big or small our team of skilled practitioners will be able to help you achieve your business goal. You do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate so until a contract is signed nothing is real. Contact us today to see how best we can protect your business interests.

We offer a 45 minute consultation where we will assess your legal needs and advise the best strategy to apply.

Please contact us today to request a consultation tailored specifically for you.

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