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telephone  payment

(Credit and debt card)

Some clients prefer to provide their card details only by telephone, rather than secure web locations.

If you prefer, you may call our lovely lawyer Alaoma Opara, and provide your card details by telephone, at:


online payment (Credit and Debit Card)

Aviou Law Firm, accepts online payments. We accept credit card—and affiliated debit card—payments via Visa®, Mastercard® and American Express®.

By post

Travelers’ Cheques, Postal Orders or International-Money-Orders can be sent by post.


  • Most International-Money-Orders are accepted and should be fine.

  • Postal Orders and International Money Orders must be issued in British Pound Sterling ONLY!


They should be made payable to: 


Aviou Law Firm "In Trust"


Our office address is:

Kemp House

152 City Road

London, EC1V 2NX

Bank/Wire  Transfer

Wire Transfers can be made directly to our bank account.



  • Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC

  • Bank Sort Code: 400216

  • Account #: 93665836

  • Address: 40 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1LH


If paying by bank/wire transfer, please be sure to advise our lawyer Alaoma Opara at and ensure to provide us with the following information:


(i) the date the remittance was made;

(ii) the amount sent;

(iii) the financial institution through which the remittance was made; and

(iv) the name of the client,

(v) the name of the payor (i.e. the person or organization who made the remittance) if the payor was not yourself.

(vi) scan a copy of the deposit receipt and email it over to us at

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refund policy

In the event that a client retains Aviou Law Firm and subsequently decides to withdraw prior to case completion, a refund of unearned lawyer fees and costs shall be provided.


Time expended by our Lawyer for the initial consultation and any subsequent work performed, including, but not limited to document preparation, telephone calls, court appearances, depositions, motion/hearing/trial preparation, research, travel to court, time expended to close the case at client's request, etc. shall be billed at the hourly rate specified in the retainer.


If a payment is made in error or for an incorrect amount, please contact us immediately for a refund and/or correction. These requests must be made in writing and within 48 hours of payment.

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